After the Fall

Riddle Orb Found!

Notters showed some Band of Braves they don't play none

October 7th, 2010

Notters got a mace and breezed through the rest of the Nissian ruins except perhaps the part with a couple skeletons brandishing tower shields and spears. No breezing there. Eh, Quain and Mard? Unfortunately for the Houndish Gaurd, his fiendish riddles proved no match for the collective minds of the Notters and with the riddles solved, the guard had no choice but to allow the Notters to take a pick from the collection in the vault. But if they thought they could just stroll back to Dragipur with the Riddle Orb, they had another thing coming: ambush by the Brand of Brave! Or at least an attempt to. When the dust settled, three stripped Band of Braves and one dead one lay upon the ground.

On they way back, they decided to outrun the Bone Chewers. No problem there apparently. And lets not forget a trade of boots for charms. Mard’s Obsession. They now find themselves in Finspang, training and honing their skills.



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