The Fall of the Dragipor Empire and the Building of the Dragipor Kingdom

A Short History of the Fall of the Dragipor Empire

The Dragipor Empire had managed to take the whole continent of Seridom and hold it for over 500 years. Art, culture and science flourished with the exchange of thoughts and ideas from within the empire and outside it. Nobody in the Empire felt the need to expand any longer as they controlled all needed resources and were too big to be threatened by any other nation.

The Empress Hetchel Avingrod started her reign in peace but trouble began to brew in the southern reaches of the Empire. At first it seemed that the Gavinid region had entered a revolt against Empire controll but the scale of the revolt and the gruesome nature and numbers of the Gavinidan people portented of something more sinister at hand. Soon the revolt spread to other regions as well. With no clear answers, the great mage Torchen the Diviner was sent to figure out the root. The quest cost the lives of 2 Imperial Legions and the life of Torchen himself. Yershelf, the apprentice of Torchen delivered the news:

In the valuable queltin mines of Baslem, a prison containing a Targo Jiu was found. The properties of the queltin served to prevent the escape of the Targo Jiu, but excessive mining over the years weakened the anti-magic properties of the queltin field enough to allow a breach which the Targo Jiu took full advantage of. This Targo Jiu belonged to a small group within the normally peaceful Targo Jiu known as the Fallen. The Fallen had forsaken the ways of the other Targo Jiu and sought to dominate the Earth. Some gained considerable power, among them Greinchentalverinto. In his present state, Greinchentalverinto was invincible so a gathering of Dragons, Stara, Nis, and Targo Jiu worked together to imprison Greinchentalverinto and the other 3 most powerful of the Fallen until time in the prison eroded their powers enough for them to be brought to trial. The passing of ages left the prison forgotten and as the Primal Races faded into obscurity the knowledge of the locations faded as well. Upon release Greinchentalverinto consolidated his power and used his considerable magics to create a disease that replaced the soul of humans with the souls of crazed demons and spirits. These armies of Deadsouls attacked with a ferocity unexpected by any.

The war became known as the Demon War not just because of the use of spirits by Greinchentalverinto. 30 years into the conflict it was obvious to the Empire that they were fighting a losing war. The very capital of the Empire itself was about to be assaulted by the ever growing army of Deadsouls. Help came from a source unexpected. The arch-demon Lollux remembered all too well the abandon in which Greinchentalverinto summoned and enslaved himself and his people ages ago and offered the help of himself and his armies in the conflict. Greinchentalverinto was caught of guard by the intervention of Lord Lollux and the ferocity of the counter attack. In the aftermath of the battle known as the Battle of Tornsouls, the capital was laid to waist and most of the inhabitants destroyed, Greinchentalverinto was slain, and Lord Lollux lay dying of wounds delt by Greinchentalverinto.

The Empire had not time to celebrate the death of Greinchentalverinto as the Deadsouls pressed on with their attacks lead by Greinchentalverinto’s greatest general, Morga. With the last armies of the Empire in disarray and lacking many of the resources needed to continue the fight, the Empress put her heir, Princess Tellse in charge of an evacuation. Explorers had discovered a continent far to the west. Though currently all the maps were lost, it was hoped that unsettled land could be found to give the Empire a chance to grow and reclaim Seridom. The Empress and her remaining forces would buy the initial evacuation time while gathering resources to take to the new land. The great distance across the vast ocean was made to the distant continent of Novindom. The boats were sent back to pick up the Empress and the remaining forces, but the boats never returned…

The Settling of Novindom

The survivors of the exodus from Seridom landed on the coast and founded a new settlement named Askera. The original population of the settlement was around 10,000 people. A barbarian people called the Rhana soon beset the new settlement. Though outnumbered by the invading tribes, the discipline, battle-hardened experience and better weapons of the Dragipurian marines were more than a match for the tribes who just as often warred among themselves. There were no tribe activities South of Askera from the Enchancia, so the marines pressed the Rhana tribes north without worry of hostility from the south. Soon Dragipurians forced the Rhana to flee across the river Isenborj. Of the 3000 marines that came with the Dragipurian exodus, few were lost in the war. An outpost at the mouth of the Isenborj named Finspang was set up to keep watch and repel any invading armies that tried to ford the Isenborj.

In the first 100 years, few people ventured far from Finspang or Askera. The only other settlement set up was Werehelva. As the community grew, the need for resources saw that explorers set out to find mineral deposits. The mountain range nearby proved to be a boon. Another boon was the trade with the Hatagan people of the Tendell Islands and traveling bands of people speaking Merrenese called Khyargas.

The Dragipurian kingdom soon began settling southwards pushing into the mysterious forest of Enchanchia. Borham and Broomgrid were founded this way, but soon attacks came from the forest. The first attacks were animals themselves organized like armies but had little more effect than scaring off some peasants. Next came Nor’folk, small beings the size of a fore-arm whose determination in the war could not make up for their small size. Then came Stara and the tide of battle turned against the Dragipurians. Borham was about to be abandoned when aid came from a mysterious people called the Torrengs. The Torrengs and Stara were enemies of old and with the aid of Torrengian Gerzzes and explosians, the forest beings were pushed deeper into the Enchanchia. King Gurrendle succeeded in bringing about a peace between the warring people. The Dragipur kingdom gained the right to access the forest and take limited resources from its bounty and to settle anywhere north of the Sorrowsong river as well as areas south of the mouth of the Sorrowsong. In return, the Kingdom settled no further into the Enchanchia and traded Hatagan silk and Dragpurian steel goods with the forest people. The Dragipurians now had secured their borders in the north with the battles along the Isenborj and in the south with peace and trade.

The Fall of the Dragipor Empire and the Building of the Dragipor Kingdom

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