Summon Animal/Swarm

This summon spell cost 7 MP and allows for the summoning of an animal or swarm of vermin to fight on your behalf. The animal will obey the caster’s basic mental commands, but depending on the environment it is summoned to, the animal might not obey those commands exactly. The summoned creature is present for 1 minute +1 minute per 3 MP spent.


Phase cost 2 MP and allows the caster to move instantly up to 30 feet in any direction.

Summon Spirit/Outsider

This spell cost 12 MP and works like summon animal but summons an outsider instead. Attempting to summon a powerful outsider is risky as it may resent the summon and turn on the summoner. The outsider can be less than 2 levels of the caster with no risk of turning on the summoner. 1 level less to one level more has a 25% chance and that chance increases by 15% for every level higher thereafter. If the risk is 90% or greater, then the outsider can not be summoned. Depending on the spirit summoned, it might take more than one round for the spirit to arrive completely on this plane.

Summon Item

Summon item cost 5 MP and can summon a general item for a day. The item must stay on the person of the summoner or else it is lost. The spell can be used to summon specific items, but they must have gone through a 15 minute ritual by the caster to apply a specific arcane mark.


Teleport cost 6 MP and works like phase except the distance is extended to 100 feet plus 10 feet per 1 MP.

Bind Summoned

Bind summoned is a ritual spell that cost 16 MP and makes the summoned being permanently in the world of the summoner. Compulsion to the summoner is not permanent however, and the summoned being may eventually revert back to their own agenda.

Summon Person

Summon person cost 12 MP and summons another person into the presence of the summoner. It the summoned is unwilling, they get a will save.There is no mental control over the summoned. The spell is ritual spell.

Teleport Others

Teleport others works like teleport except it cost 8 MP and teleports a willing person in the sight of the caster.

Word of Recall

Word of recall cost 15 MP and takes 12 seconds to take effect. It returns the caster and up to 10 willing people back to a sanctuary. The sanctuary must be chosen before hand and given a specific arcane mark though a ritual. There is no distance limit to word of recall.


Portal cost 30 MP and is a powerful ritual spell that opens up a gate to another plane or on the same world. The gate is in place for a minute or until the caster dispels the gate. The gate cannot open up at a specific place, but can open up within a days travel of the place.


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