Death and Dying

When 0 HP is reached a person falls unconscious. They will loose one HP per round unless they make a constitution ability check of 15. When three checks are made, the person is considered stabilized. Alternatively, magical healing or a heal skill check of 15 can stabilize a person. Once a person’s HP reaches the negative value of 10 + 1/5 total HP, that person dies.

Actions in Combat

In a round of combat a player may take a standard action, a move action and a minor action. A move action can be substituted for a standard action and so forth. Standard actions are attacking, casting a spell and like. Move actions are shifting, drawing a weapon, moving the base speed, jumping, climbing half the base speed and so forth. Minor actions are small, easily done task in a round.

Critical Hit

On a natural 20 on a attack roll, an automatic hit is scored and maximum weapon damage is done. The attack roll is also rolled again. If it hit the opponent, then the critical multiplier comes into effect and damage can be rolled after once more or twice more( in all cases the first multiplier is considered to be maximum damage). If this roll is a natural 20 as well, then the hit does massive damage: a double critical with a save to avoid death being needed. The save is fortitude versus the damage done.


Initiative determines the order combatants act. D20 + dex modifier + any other applicable modifiers (such as a certain feat) determines initiative.


Grapple allows you to attempt to wrestle with someone. A person in a grapple is denied their dex modifier to AC against attacks from those outside the grapple. To escape a grapple, an opposed grapple check or escape check must tie or beat an opponent’s grapple check. Also if your opponent is hit while in a grapple, your can use an attack of opportunity slot to get out of the grapple with a bonus equal to the damage done. When entering a grapple, if the check succeeds, unarmed damage is done. To initiate a grapple the grappler makes a touch attack against the grappled, and then an attack of opportunity is made by the person to be grappled. Then opposed grapple roles are made. If the attack of opportunity hit then the person to be grappled gets a bonus equal to the damage done to their opposed grapple check.


A melee attack can be parried but the intent must be declared before the attack role. The person then is unable to take a standard action on their next move. To parry the defender rolls an opposed attack role against the opponent’s. If the opponent can not tie or beat the defender’s opposed attack role AND the AC, then the attack misses. Anyone with the sunder or disarm feats can use them in conjuncture with a parry.


After combat, if at least 10 minutes are taken to rest and attend to wounds, up to 4 HP per every 5 damage taken can be healed. (divide damage taken by 5 then multiply by 4) This is made by a 15 heal check. If this check fails, it takes another 10 minutes of attention. A full night’s sleep will regenerate 1 ability point of damage and all HP.


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