Character Creation

The first thing you will do is to roll your ability scores. The hardcore rule is that 4d6 will be rolled straight through for STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHR. This means that you cannot choose which abilities get which results. For example if a 15, 17, 7, 11, 16, 8 is rolled, then STR would be 15, DEX 17, CON 7, etc. Of course the DM might rule a character is unplayable or a softer version of character creation could be used if the party wants to have more control over who they play, but the aim of the hardcore rule set is to emphasize that not all PCs are created equal and to reflect the fact that sometimes there is not so much control over who we are.

An option to tag on to the hardcore rule is to allow the reroll of an ability or to allow a +2 bonus to an ability or to switch two ability scores. This would represent training in a vocation and how it affected a certain ability.

The character now chooses what creature they are. The standard is human.

The next thing done is to roll for your Zodiac. The benefit a character gets from the Zodiac depends on the sign the character is born under, chosen randomly by rolling a d100 percentile. The signs are as follows:

d100 Percentile Zodiac Sign Benefit Given by Zodiac
1-5 Archer +2 to ranged attacks
6-10 Wolf Receive track feat for free
11-15 Hammer +1 to CON
16-20 Bear +1 to STR
21-25 Dragon +4 to HP
26-30 Cottage Receive Iron Will feat for free
31-35 Crow +1 to INT
36-40 Widow +3 to perception skill
41-45 Lion +2 to melee attacks
46-50 Crab +1 to DEX
51-55 Bull Receive the Greater Fortitude feat for free
56-60 Theif +3 to stealth skill
61-65 Scholar +4 to any knowledge skill in the scholarly skill set
66-70 Crown +1 to WIS
71-75 Tailor +3 to manipulate device
76-80 Candle +4 MP
81-85 Eagle +1 to CHR
86-90 Boot Receive Lightning Reflexes feat for free
91-95 Horse +1 to speed
96-100 Spoon Choose the power granted from any of the other Zodiacs

Next is finding out the social class of your character. There are six basic social classes.

d100 Percentile Social Class Benefit for the Given Social Class Starting Gold Coins
1-40 Peasant +4 to knowledge nature 1d20
41-65 Freeman +2 to any chosen skill 2d20
66-80 Skilled Laborer +4 to craft; +2 to any knowledge 1d20x10
81-90 Merchant +4 diplomacy; +2 sense motive; bonus feat 2d4x100
91-97 Knight +4 ride; +2 BAB; bonus feat; proficiency with all armors, shields, simple and martial weapons 1d4x100
98-100 Noble +4 ride; +1 BAB; +4 knowledge history; +4 any knowledge; +4 diplomacy; proficiency with all swords, shields and armors 1d4x1000

Now you can can calculate your health points (HP) and your mana points (MP). At first level HP is simply 4 + any positive CON modifier. MP is 4 + any positive CHR modifier.

From here you choose a build. The builds are: Magic User, Martial, Soft Toe, Psyon, and Leader.

A character automatically can speak the language of the land they are from. If a character has a positive modifier to intelligence, then extra spoken languages can be chosen by that character equal to the modifier. An intelligence of 16 gives a +3 modifier so the character can choose three more languages.

Now you have 20 Leveling points (LP) to use. For information on how you can use these, see the section on leveling up.

You can use the gold generated to buy items now. Most characters will be too poor to afford proper adventuring equipment. All characters get one set of common cotton or wool clothing free. Getting the proper equipment might be the first adventure. Adventuring guilds might loan equipment to promising adventurers…

Be sure to create a character background story. This will allow you to choose what language you know (standard is Dragiporian + any other languages equal to INT mod) and where your character comes from and what their goals are.

Character Creation

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