After the Fall

Riddle Me This: A Riddle Orb
Mard brings out the softer side of barbarians

September 30th, 2010

Not even going to get into the software problems opentable decided to spring up. Back to the disco of game table.

The party thought about attacking the great Garret Archivald. Well they felt it was a little early for a TPK so decided instead to check with their local adventuring guild in Foxholm about the possibility for any adventurers. What luck! An adventure was available. One that would pit the party against the Band of Brave Adventuring Guild. The Blue Hearts Adventuring Guild’s name is on the line for this one. The Notters are their only hope. Spoils go to the first one to find the Riddle Orb for the merchant Draginold Tersai. Said orb lies guarded in a Nissian vault. A list of equipment was made: horses, rations, 10 foot pole, rope, grapple, bags and a crowbar. Conveniently not on the list: bludgeoning weapons and a way to translate the Nissian language.

First problem is getting past the xenophobic tribe of Bone Chewers that guard the entrance to the valley wherein lies the Nissian structure. Not a problem; just sneak on in. But luck ran dry for the part ran into a sentry who managed to give a cry for help before Otmar’s silver hammer came down upon his head. One barbarian sentry is not a problem, but what happens when four come to see why their comrade was making noises? Mard’s life on the line, he came to a rather charming solution and befriended the highest ranking barbarian present. Though such friendships are sure not to last, the party departed the company of 4 laughing barbarians and 1 unconscious one. Mard was also kind enough to give them warning of the imminent arrival of unfriendly outsiders. The mouth of the valley shall be heavily guarded against any incursions by Bands of Braves!

After a days travel they came to a rock. Under the rock was a demon. Of course the polite thing to do is to free it, right? Upon gaining his freedom and finding his heroes somewhat quiet, the demon left them a rubied ring and took flight. Nice fellow for sure. And no Quain, it is not a ring of three wishes. Jeesh.

Soon the Nissian structure was found. Peering in they saw skeletons who saw them and they decided that the discussion would best be continued by bloodshed. Oh drat, there seemed a lack of weapons capable of bashing the bones of skeletons. Bolts flew though them and swords left weak slashes that seemed not to hinder their grinning foes. Luckily Otmar’s hammer and Quain’s staff of sharing came in handy.

Upon dodging around some dart traps they entered a room with an ugly statue. The statue has Nissian scrawl around it creating a dilemma as no one understood the language of Nis. Oh wait Alexander remembered he took a semester of it back in junior college. And the humble GM remembered he had to wake up at 7am and thus the game ended for the day. Stay tuned next week for the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!!

Of Mice and Men. And Evil Mages.
Oh, my! The first rewards from adventuring come in. I smell shopping montage!!!


The party followed Pompo Greeswald to Borham only to find the trail go cold. But it wasn’t a complete waste because they were joined by the brave Mard Furtin! Oh, okay it was a complete waste.

The Ivy Palace gave the adventurers their reward for their part in clearing out the basement, (what did they do?) and went back to the Cheese Factory to sniff out what trouble Colby Carter was in. The party decided that going into front doors was so 340 AS and opted instead to sneak into the cellar.

The cellar was full of painful little traps, but most were avoided! Most eh, Mr. Forthwright and Mr. Wolstaff? A hidden hole revealed the culprit behind the ratty problem, the big cheese himself, Terchail Malten former human and former leader of smuggling operations and current master of transmutation magics. Battle ensued and after a little chill from Quain, some electrifying displays by Zannon, thuggish beatings by Otmar and Daniel cough Burt cough a seven foot tall, iron haired rat was begging for mercy. The rat had valuable information after all! Perhaps Mr. Forthwright would like his daddy back? Yes he would! Terchail was spared and the great Silvertail, King of Rats was freed and the town of Foxholm became a little less crazy. Just a little.

For convenience sake, the party decided to join the Blue Hearts Adventuring Guild. The training they received made sure that death would come that much slower on their future endeavors. Terchail was given over to the Reast to meet his justice, but what’s this? Surely a group capable of such heroic actions needs an equally heroic name. Thus was born the Not At All or the Notters. Ahem. Heroic indeed. Ahem. WHY HASN’T SARCASTIC FONT BEEN INVENTED YET! Well sufficient to say the game master has little to do with what the party chooses to call itself.

Terchail didn’t leave them in the dark before being turned over to the Reast, and the party discovered that the Black Market of Borham held information on why Tidous Forthwright had disappeared. But wait. One can’t just march into the Borham Black Market. At least they can’t without a shopping trip! Queue Pretty Woman Music. End scene. Well the group had gathered their Finspang Tigers caps and ’I’ve Shopped at Smut’s Bookstore’ Mugs and had nothing left to do but head to the dreary gloom of the city so dirty that the dirt needs to take a bath. Yes they went to Borham. After Quain proved that he was inept at codewords the party made access under the city and into the hidden Black Market of Borham. Where you can buy anything and no questions are asked. And then they proceeded to asked a lot of questions there. The Fallen Rotunda headed by the notorious Janus Gregory enlightened the group on who the true villain behind Tidous’ disappearance is: Garret Archivald, Flame of Yercha, Leader of the Midnight Society (no not the Dead Poets Society. Did we really have to go there? The only word in common with the two is Society. Damn you Robin Williams! Were were you when I was taking 9th grade English!). And GASP this is the same man that burned down Zannon’s house! Eat your heart out Mr. M Knight Shamalan.

While in the Black Market, it wouldn’t hurt to check around for more information on Archivald, right? Apparently not because they got an earfull from owner of the Snakehaven poison shop. A rather charming fellow really. Mard made sure that the sssslippery fellow ssssuplied ssssuper information for the heroesssssss.

And then Matt had to go to bed because he had classes at 8am tomorrow. Oh, life!

To Live and Die for the Cheese
Oh rats, what a cheesy way to start an adventure!


Five lonely wonderers came together at the dying of the day to enjoy a nice cold one at Bissenholf’s Tavern. I guess the only table open conveniently had five seats! How fortuitious for Otmar, Alexander, Zannan, Quain and Daniel. But my my, rats seemed to be everywhere. These five decided to do something about it. Thus after many a long and awkward conversations at Bissenholf’s, they set out to find the source of these rats. Many seemed to be coming from the Ivy Palace. Thus a trip to the mysterious flooded cellar and dungeon was needed.

The Cellar yielded few results other than Binas was capable of building rats out of dead bodies. But rats seemed to take a sinister turn at night. Alexander, looking for a confrontation, challenged the leader of the rats. Cintras, the page, introduced them to a Captain Armando, head of the night watch of Foxholm. One thing led to another and by the middle of the new bell, five dead guards were at the feet of the new adventurers/amateur rat catchers.

Well this certainly was a cheesy situation. And when answers are needed for a cheesy situation, there is no better place to go than Foxholm’s own: The Cheese Factory. Angry old cheese-maker Carder Colby was not impressed with their investigation into his business. Thus the adventurers followed the merchant Pompo Greeseweld to see why such a fishy man would buy cheese instead of fish. Thus they find themselves on a road ten minutes north of the watch-gate into Foxholm.

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