Quain Wolstaff

An old character versed in the magics of life and death


Quain Wolstaff was born in Askara to a pair of skilled weapon-smiths, Mr. Donderic and Mrs. Luwaithe Wolstaff, the second child out of seven. Their son Quain showed little strength or aptitude for the smithying arts, so they apprenticed him to the healing store The Sanctuary, where he learned the mending of wounds and the mixing of poultices and soon rose to prominence, and where he served till the age of 34.

Through their contacts with the Seri Merchants, Donderic and Luwaithe learned that the merchant Loslo Baelbar’s son was born sickly and stood in great need of care. Among the three parties, it was arranged that Quain should serve as the personal healer for Loslo’s son Dimitry. Quain served as healer and tutor for Dimitry for 24 years. By that time, Dimitry and risen to a healthy constitution, and was sent as an envoy to the Tendell Islands to help facilitate trade with Hatagan merchants.

His job successfully completed, and no help required at the Sanctuary, Quain decided to turn to alternative markets for his healing skills.

Quain Wolstaff

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