Mard Forturd

He's out to cleanse his name and re-dirty it in the process


Mard Forturd the Nephew of Cowen Forturd the Fortuitous, Grew up with his Uncle after his mother died. He’s always lived a cushy existence with his Uncle’s wealth, always eating well, sleeping till the late afternoon sometimes, and had much time to engage in leisurely pursuits of playing in the streams and fields as well as cause mischief in the towns that his Uncle did business in. When Mard was older his uncle began teaching him the family business mostly so that Mard would get out of the house but also because he thought he owed it to his nephew who’s father died before he was born leaving Mard to have no sense of self.

He would later become an entrepreneur of sales negotiation though in practice this would get him in far more trouble than the mischievous deeds of his youth. After a few unscrupulous deals went sour he stopped working as a merchant because no one would do business with his Uncle’s caravan or shops. Running away was his only option that did not include a fat lip wherever he went, even his uncle wanted nothing to do with him anymore since Mard had tarnished the family name Cowen then changed the last name of the family to Forturn leaving Mard Forturd to cleanse the stain from his own name.

Mard Forturd

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