Alexander Forthwright

A man searching for truth, for justice, for his dad.

Height: 5’6
Weight: 115
Age: 16
Build : Soft Toe

Alexander had always been a small child. Born to a foot solider turned shoe mender, Alex’s mother died in childbirth & his father was left to raise the boy alone.

Unfortunately, even in a town as big as Werehelva, traditional shoe makers aren’t well paid (“damn those mages and their ‘repair spells’…its not quality work” Alex’s father, Tidous, was known to say around the shop when times were slow).

Luckily, when Alex was about six or so Bernison Hentley (a well to do man & the future mayor of Werehelva) found Tidous’s shop and would come anytime he needed new shoes, shoes mended (“You would be amazed how quickly dancing shoes wear down!”), or just wanted to talk to Tidious and Alex. Bernison helped keep Alex’s dad’s shop alive for many years and in return Tidious helped Bernison get as many votes as he could from his peasant friends & neighbors.

Bernison was not only friends with Tidious, but also had grown a liking to young Alex and would spend rainy days over at the shoe mender’s house telling Alex about his adventures as a youth & about various myths and gods (and even teaching Alex a bit about Arcana when Tidious wasn’t paying attention).

One of Alex’s favorite past times as he got older was sneaking around the fields and hunting animals with his dad’s old army crossbow. It made young Alex feel quite accomplished to be able to bring home a rabbit or a few squirrels for dinner. These hunts also taught him to be quite quiet and how to hide in the shadows.

It was after one of these hunting trips in the fields that Alex returned home to find the house completely ransacked. He waited all night for his father to return (as he was sure he would) but he didn’t come. It was on the second day that he decided he needed help and he gathered his supplies (the 9 gold pieces his dad stored in a secret spot, a small wooden shield he was given as a present on his 10th birthday, and his father’s crossbow) and went looking for Bernison Hently at the Mayor’s office. Alex being brash and a bit uncoff tried to walk up to Hently but was with held by the guards in a small jail cell and it wasn’t until nightfall that Hently came to see the boy. He opened the door, returned Alex’s belong and said “There are powers even a mayor does not have control over, run young Forthwright and never return here…it’s the best that I can do. “

“But what about my father?” asked Alex.

“I’m sorry.” Was the only reply from Hently.

Alex ran out of the city and into the fields where he stayed for two days. On the third day Alex gathered himself and headed off, to where, even Alexander is unsure of that, but he is looking for any clues to help him save or avenge his father.

Alexander Forthwright

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