• Alexander Forthwright

    Alexander Forthwright

    A man searching for truth, for justice, for his dad.
  • Burt, formerly known as Daniel

    Burt, formerly known as Daniel

    Nobody knows much about this mysterious man. Maybe someone should talk to him to learn his story. 1 2 3 NOT IT!
  • Mard Forturd

    Mard Forturd

    He's out to cleanse his name and re-dirty it in the process
  • Otmar


    He'd hit that!
  • Quain Wolstaff

    Quain Wolstaff

    An old character versed in the magics of life and death
  • Togan


    When I make a character, this happens.
  • Zannon Pegason

    Zannon Pegason

    Some may find Zannon's actions shocking. Those that do find it is the last thing they learn.