After the Fall

The Notters Are Captured!

Don't drop the soap

October 28th, 2010

The Notters decided that rather then stake the place out, the fun thing to do in a foreign land would be to walk up to the door, pose as a native, gain entrance into the structure that houses the very villains that are trying to catch them, and all this while the villians are eating their supper in the main hall. Well things went remarkably well. Up until they tried their plan. A very keen eyed, natural 20 rolling doorman was not fooled by Quain’s attempt to pass as one of the local bad guys and he hatched his own plan to ambush the Notters as they entered. His plan worked out pretty well, and a large dose of knock-out gas took everyone down and out. Everyone that is except the fortuitous Mard. He bravely stood his ground against the oncoming onslaught and one second later lay unconscious from a mildly damaging sword wound. Mard likes to pass out. It’s his thing.

When the Notters came to, they found themselves in a room with the exit barricaded and guards on watch from across steel grating. But Dimitry and a baker’s dozen full of monks and an abbot were in the room as well! But how to rescue Dimitry and the this baker’s dozen of monastery staff? Well Mard had an idea and suggested to the guards to exit. One did and the other followed to try and convince him to return to his post. Meanwhile the stupendous strength of Otmar was put to the test against a door. Otmar got an F on the test, the guards returned, a warden gave warning and general consternation re-ensued. Would the Notters resign themselves to being prison bitches?

No four walls could hold Togan however. At least not while he rolls consecutive natural 20s. He lined the monks up in a singing and dancing hymn to obscure his actions and took his fury out on the door. One guard saw the ruse and went to get help. They did not anticipate the speed in which Togan would break down the door. As if it was paper, Togan threw down the door and the masses inside escaped. Only to find themselves trapped again, with a bunch of irate and armed (unlike the armless Notters)guards. Togan was not intimidated by the situation and attacked their barricade with his bare hands, suffering many a wound by bolts and spears. Quain ran up to heal the wounded Togan. A curious Mard began poking around in the arts and craft room of the monastery. And he found something quite peculiar. Mard always prided himself on his knowledge of wools and dyes and his knowledge paid off well today. Paid off with another natural 20. Inside the room he found bottles of a rare and expensive dye made from the crushed shells of the freshwater clam, Yunitolo. A dye that is very dangerous and must be aired out properly before use else it blinds those nearby. Several thrown, broken dye bottles later the majority of guards and Togan were blinded. The Notters decided to retreat to a secret passage out as mentioned by the monastery’s abbot. The guards, mostly blinded decided that as long as they held their current barricade, there was no reason to pursue their trapped wards.

However a rather nasty fellow with a large axe lay between them and the room with the secret exit. The axe swung and cut Otmar a new one. Otmar responded with a desperate attempt at blinding the guy with their last bottle of dye. The man with the axe shrugged it off and prepared to introduce Otmar to his doom. But up stepped Zannon, electricity blazing through his fingertips, and he shot forth a bold of lighting that slammed into the monster of a man and left him smoking and unconscious. And with a wacky hairstyle.

The secret passage in the abbot’s room lay ahead! But who would take up residence in the abbot’s room while the abbot was in prison? Well a nasty little spellcaster of course. A spellcaster that transformed before their very eyes into a huge demon that stood 12 feet talks. His skin was blacken coal and his arms and torso were covered in spiky brown hair. On top of his massive muscled form was the head of a bull, drool dripping from his mouth and curved horns ending in sharpened, bloody points. Otmar and Quain saw through the illusion and were decidedly unimpressed. Otmar lifted the axe from the still body of the previously slain nasty fellow and swung a stinging blow against the illusionist. Quain went to rage mode and shot a blast of necromantic fury into the chest of their foe and the illusionist collapsed on the floor. The furious Quain then stabilized him. Quain likes to stabilize things. Even when he is mad. He really should be on a hospital drama. They then ran through the secret door and escaped from the monastery. All in all, one monk was missing and many weapons and items were lost. They then hightailed it back to Amakama with the traitorous spellcaster and presented Dimitry, the spellcaster and their story before the Kamijuku. Next up: reward…



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