After the Fall

The Man that would be Warlord

Can the Notters pull off an assassination?

The Notters arrived in the beautiful city of Ventrapid and met King Fritzen Avingrod in his summer palace. Avingrod had learned of the whereabouts of Alexander Forthwrite and his part in the Notters fare. Nothing could be found out about Tidous however. The Mahmaran (Eye of Gods), a respected elder of the barbarian holy city Khyargas and a diviner without equal owes the King some favors. The King would be willing to influence the Mahmaran to help Alexander find his father, but the King wants something in return.

A powerful Rhana warlord named Chek Gralum is the reason behind the migration of the tribes southward. His bloody campaign of domination has allowed him to already subdue half the tribes as well as the vicious I’shen’gar Rethen. He will be approaching the holy city for a mandate of Kras, a title that will bind all tribes to him. If he succeeds, he will surely march south and easily wipe whats left of Dragipur off the map. This warlord also gets support from the Merren cities and the Hwesent, nations that have proved hostile to Dragipur in the past.

The King has sent his court assassin to deal with the threat, but unfortunately among the Warlord’s many protectors is a Merren abjurer and diviner of some talents. With the Merren expecting an assassination attempt by Dragipur, they sent this talented protector to warn the Warlord of danger and to take care of the Dragipurian agent who comes. The assassin needs a distraction to gain the attention of this Merren abjurer, and what better distraction for a man who watches for assassins than an assassination attempt! Enter the Notters, professional assassins for hire! Who knows, they may find a way to assassinate the Warlord even with the protection of the Merren abjurer?

Probably not.

The group were guided to a spot outside of Khyrgas by Torrengs and their gerrzes. Upon entering Khyrgas, the found a lively city full of people from many different lands hawking goods and pedaling their wares. The group gathered information about where the Warlord’s camp was and set off to see it themselves. They found that the camp is guarded well enough to thwart any half-assessed infiltration attempts. There goes plans A and B. And C and D and F. They waited outside of the Warlords tent to see if they could catch a glimpse of this Warlord themselves. They did and Togan almost got run over by an overtly rude barbarian on his horse in the process. The Notters followed them to Khyrgas and plotted on how to get the deed done.

Quain figured poison was the place to start and bought the first snake he could find on sale: a desert viper a delicacy in Khyrgas. While trying to milk the snake of its venom, it bit him and he learned that while they are poisonous, they are not near deadly enough to kill a hearty Warlord. So the gathered information on the Black Market of Khrygas. They arrived at the said black market in the dead of night like instructed. They found a bunch of people selling cloth. The first cloth seller they talked to was full of winks and nudges but in the end, he thought that his cloth was not what the Notters were looking for and that they should try Heyrar. Heyrar had many a fine bolt of cotton. Inside one bolt was what appeared to be red-speckled walnuts. Heyrar claimed in a most drull fashion that ground into a powder, these nuts were deadly. The price was a bit steep so they checked out what goods Shaydar the silk seller had. Under his bolts of silk were various Torreng munitions that could kill with explosive effectiveness. But prices here proved to be steep as well so they returned to Heyrar for his cotton.

The next step was to find out where the Warlord ate in the city and poison his food or drink. Apparently the Warlord favored Rhinoceros meat and Khyrgas wine. So they went to the only place in the city that served said meat. They bullied a serving boy some, Togan and Mard especially and in the process Quain tried to put the poison into the wine that the serving boy was carrying to the Warlords feast. A keen-eyed, natural 20 rolling barbarian, the same one that tried to run over Togan on his horse, spotted Quain and combat broke out. Quain didn’t last a round as a well placed strike with the spear left a dreadful gash across him. The rest of the Notters engaged in furious combat. The barbarians realized that without reinforcements, their day was done so they blew their warhorns. Togan, Zannon and Otmar quickly finished them off after the horns were sounded. Togan and Otmar grabbed Quain and ran to the other side of the building with Zannon. Mard took the Warhorn and ran off in the opposite direction, blowing the horn as he ran. A group of angry barbarians and Rethen gave pursuit! Mard was not know for doing well in gym class, however, and he soon found himself cut off from the party and surrounded. Zounds! He made such a convincing diplomacy check that the barbarians decided to beat him unconscious rather than beat him to death.

The Notters found their Mard minus four of his teeth and retired to an inn to recuperate. The inn keeper informed them the next morning that a letter was left for them. It simply said: Meet me outside the city in the ruins.

Who could have sent the letter? Is it a trap!? Should they go or would it be safer to avoid such a meeting? These questions can only be answered next week! Wait, next week is Thanksgiving. The week after!



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