After the Fall

The Dark Lady's Manor

The Notters find themselves timid in the dark

November 11th, 2010

After destroying a bunch of feral wolves, the Notters headed into the ruins of a dark tower. To be fair everything is dark at night. A passage under the ruins was found and the Notters found themselves in a furnished and inhabited under region. A hallway to the north led the Notters to a room full of strange, pulsating egg sacs that secreted glowing green goo. The egg sacs hung from a wall and had tentacles dropping from them. The tentacles were attached to children in a semi comatose state. Their cries and muted murmurers could be heard. Also in the room were two creatures of teeth and claws. They inquired in rasping voices to the Notters as to why they were here. The Notters replied by drawing out their weapons and attacking. Combat ensued and to the Notters disgust, they found that every blow struck upon the demons resulted in an acid discharge. Otmar was soon covered in acid burns while everyone else fired upon the creatures from a distance. Soon the creatures died in blast of firey acid leaving Otmar and Quain near unconsciousness.

After healing the group decided to explore south. They opened up a door to a dining room where three Rethen warriors were eating undercooked meat and playing a game of chance. Fighting the intruders looked to be a better game and the Notters found themselves engaged in furious combat. The Notters were holding off the attacks when bad news came from the kitchen. The noise attracted another Rethen hiding in the kitchen who snuck up behind Quain and took him down with a cleaver. With their healer unconscious, the Notters were in deep water. Mard of course got jealous that someone would fall unconscious before him and he quickly dropped next. Alexander, Otmar and Zannon, covered in injuries were now all that remained between victory and a TPK. Otmar got angry and decided to put his bloodhound greataxe to good use. In fury he took down one after another Rethen until all that remained was the Rethen leader, who surrendered before the might of Otmar. Otmar showed no mercy.

After a few hours of resting, the revived group headed to explore what was left to the west. They found a couple of sleeping Rethen and rather than engage in more combat they set up a shoddy trap that would alarm them if they awoke. They then found the chambers of the Dark Lady. Listening through her door, she seemed to be conversing with someone who had a deep, metallic voice. Otmar kicked down the door and the Notters saw a beautiful woman with white hair and gray eyes sitting at a desk. On the other side of the desk was an eight foot tall figure completely encased in steel armor. The eye slits revealed only blackness. Strangely the figure seemed semi translucent and the attacks of the Notters went right through the figure. Alexander somehow connected one of his shots with the crossbow and the figure fled the room. The Dark Lady attempted to charm some of the Notters but succeeded in only charming Quain. Faced with four angry Notters the Dark Lady surrendered and revealed all she knew in exchange for sanctuary at Archer’s Ford.

From what the Notters could gather, some mysterious figure named Lord Askeron was hatching Gromuni larvi for some plot against Dragipur. The Gromuni larvi needed the nightmares of children to incubate and thus Layle Chrystandum of Erigald aka the Dark Lady was coerced to head to the Dragipur Kingdom and use her magical abilities to gather the children needed.

The Notters got back to Archer’s Ford and found a missive from the King waiting for them. What would the king need from the Notters? Stay tuned to find out!



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