After the Fall

Snake? Snake?! Snake!!!!!

I didn't forget to add these entries. Twas only laziness

December 23rd, 2010

The group headed East into the Enchanchia from Archer’s Ford. Before leaving the Notters instructed those at Archer’s Ford to organize in defense against the frequently occurring attacks by the snake people. The group had their first encounter with snake people and left the small scouting party down for the count. The next encounter was a large and hungry tiger. The Notters left with the tiger’s pelt. Next the Notters saw a war party of snake people. They lay hid while the snake people traversed the river. But when attempting to ford the Sorrowsong, a bunch of juvenile snake people set ambush. Rather than leave a mess, both sides agreed to have a rap battle. Mard was the first one defeated, but Alexander stepped in to lay down some rhymes and poor Greeto the Silver Tounge lost the bout. The snake people let the Notters past. Soon an ancient city covered in crumbling ruins and encroaching jungle came before them. The center of the city had many great temples still standing and many snake people inhabiting them as well. The Notters decided to enter posed as Merren merchants. This failed and left the group netted. They tossed the Notters into a pit filled with cobras and other nasty snakes, but Quain talked the snakes away and put on quite a show while at it. The snake people thought that this must be a sign and that special fortune shined on these foreigners and thus let them out to meet their fate in the temple of Yercha.

The temple was quiet until they came upon the torture room. Alas, delay caused them to loose a chance to make a life long snake person friend for the evil priests had already sacrificed him. They saw the head priest in the room, but he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Exploring further, they found many books and interesting items and eventually the head priest waiting in ambush in the altar room. The priest and his minions kept the Notters pinned, but soon the battle began to wear for the worse on the snake people. The head priest tried to escape as a shadow, but a bolt from Alexander ended the evil one’s plans. A vaulted, underground garden gave them loot to boot. They left the temple with magic rings, rods, books and rumors of an ancient artifact.



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