After the Fall

Otmar and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Greataxe

What happens when only three people show for a game?

January 13th, 2011

Otmar, Zannon and Quain decided to explore the Yercha temple a bit more throughly while the rest of the party returned to Archer’s Ford. Their search yeilded a fire gem worth 10,000 GP, and information on the whereabouts of an artifact called Nimble’s Paintbrush. The three left the temple then to seek out mandrakes which the expert tracker Zannon quickly found. But alas, no plan was made beforehand on how to harvest the mandrake roots while avoiding the petrification curse resulting from hearing the scream. Planning on the spot, the trio of Notters decided to head back to the snake village and get some shovels and pots, then dig around the plants without disturbing them and pot them to take back. They also decided to get a cart to haul the pots. Quain went ahead and bought expensive, ornate metal pots. They then went to the largest farmer among the snake people and traded for four shovels, a cart and a small bag of his best radishes. Yummmm. Otmar managed to disturb the roots of all four of the found mandrakes but was fortunate to make all his saves. Since the roots were already disturbed, the pots and cart were unneeded and the Notters decided to sleep for the night.

In the twilight hours of dawn disaster struck! It started with a worg attacking Zannon unaware. Zannon eventually recovered and warned his comrades as the other worgs struck. The combat seemed to be managable until a 15 foot long worg made his way to the group. Quain and Otmar revealed that fighting such a creature was worthless. Quain used a smoke bomb, but the wolf found him and struck him near dead. Zannon and Otmar ran away, but the wolf quickly closed on Otmar. With few alternatives left to Otmar, he turned and threw his spirit-bonded Bloodhound Greataxe at the head of the monster. The worg caught the axe in his mouth. Sniffed it. Gave a grunt of satisfaction and departed with the axe in maw. Otmar wanted to pursue the wolf for his axe, but Quain’s wounds were life threating and demanded attention. Quain barely pulled through and the Notters decided to return to Archer’s Ford to meet up with the rest of the group, train (level 5 baby!), stop in Finspang to give the mandrake roots to Zannon’s friend, get Mard’s horse and stop at Askera library to find information about this mythical worg and Nimble Paintbrush. They also had court with the King to get a steward to help with the ruling of Archer’s Ford and inform them of Merren plots. The King thanked them for the information and supplied them with an old steward named Habbard Thelow. The King also gave news that the Hwesent have attacked the Hatagan which is a declaration of war against Dragipur. Dragipur is mobilizing for its biggest war since the war with the allied front of the Enchanchia. Merren funded Rethen mercenaries are also entering the war and it could drag the Merren Confederacy into the war. Rhana allies are holding the passes preventing the Rethen from coming to the defense of the Hwesent, but spies report that the Merren are working on a portal to fix the problem. The Notters have considered offering their services to High-General Halfear. First they go to the library to research about this giant worg claimed to be a spirit of the forest, and to research Nimble’s Paintbrush.



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