After the Fall

On Trial, Then The Bronze Tourney

Let the Games Begin!!

Oct 14, 2010

The Notters were taken to Court! At the Hall of Justice in Askera, the Band of Braves’ Gold Swords accused the Blue Hearts’ Notters of: one count of murder, five counts of larceny, four counts of assault, four counts of attempted murder, one count of ignoble conduct unbefitting Dragipurian citizens outside the Kingdom and one count of conspiracy against Dragipurian citizens. Passionate defenses given by Quain, Alex, and Mard left the accused innocent of all charges!

But Wolf 10 approached and the Bronze Tourney was at hand. Mard spent all the groups money on a new horse and went about jousting. His superb riding could not make up for lack of jousting skills and Sir Walter went on to take the champion seat. Alexender brought much fame to himself taking second in the archery contest.

Meanwhile bemoaning the inability of the rules to be explained to him (listen to what I mean, not what I say Wesley!), a man approached the bad gambler Quain. Loslo Baelbar’s son Dimirtry has disappeared while on a diplomatic assignment to the Tendell Islands. Loslo needs Quain’s help and the adventurers find themselves in the Hatagan capital, minus a very expensive horse.



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