After the Fall

Into the Frying Pan

So everyone knew it was a trap?

The Notters decided the letter was most definitely attempting to spring a trap. Everybody but Quain decided that to spring it would be the more fun way to deal with it, thus they headed up a bluff to the ruins outside of Khrygas. It was a trap! Abolin Chars, the protector of the Warlord Chek Gralum, decided to grab five Ishengar Rethen and ambush the Notters at the top. When the dust settled, Quain, Otmar and Togan lay unconscious, and Zannon faced a headache from his previous unconsciousness. Quain’s life was spared by a heroic act of the late sand viper known as bitey. Through a graceful rounding of the numbers, Togan lived through the worst of his wounds.

The party revived and headed back to town where they discovered that the Warlord had been assassinated! Their distraction having served its purpose, they called forth the Gerzzes and headed back to Finspang. En route to Finspang, Abolin assaulted them on top a flying lizard creature. The airial battle led to the ground where the bitter Abolin began a ritual. What the ritual would have entailed will never be known as two well placed throws with the singing mace by Mard left Abolin quite out of sorts. The Notters returned to Finspang, handed the captive Abolin over to the Reast and went in for some R&R, selling loot and buying items.

But Saedic Bunsen needs help from his old friend Zannon. The prices of Bunsen’s Dis are being undercut by an allied Wizard’s Tap and Brewing Brew. Some mandrake roots would put Saedic in an advantageous position for further dealings with Torreng munition makers. Can the Notters help him out? And while helping him out, can they collect fire gems? And nullify the snake people threat? Answers will be forthcoming.



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