After the Fall

Finding the missing Dimitry


October 21st, 2010

Upon arriving in Amakama, the adventurers met a Hataganian monk named Togan who acted to serve as their translator. They got to know a bit about the government from the Seri merchants warehouse and then decided to meet this government for themselves. They met a friend of Dimitry who also served on the Kamijuku, the voice of the Hatagan nation. Apparently Dimitry and the Kamijuku had just worked out an agreement by which the Hatagan nation would join the Dragipurian Kingdom. But, gasp! He disapreared along with the contract and many suspect foul play. The group suspects that Hwesent agents are behind his disappearance. They checked out Dimitry’s living quarters and found structural damage to a window. They then hatched a plan to spread word that Mard (yes, Mard) was the next ambassador. Then they went out travelling on the road. They explored a bit of a village and then walked into an ambush. Or rather they walked through an ambush because nary a soul escaped the Notters!

In the end they followed their assailants back to their secret hideout. They discovered this hideout to be the Kanikura monastery. The monastery is closed for business so they must make a plan to get inside and look around. Quain thinks climbing over the nonexistent walk and into the nonexistent courtyard is a good idea. What do YOU think?



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