After the Fall

A Series of Unfortunate Gametables


November 4th, 2010

A well prepared GM attempted to show his PCs the cool maps he made. Disaster struck in too many kilobytes and other problems. The end.

Okay, a bit got done plotwise.

The Notters, being the heroes of the hour, had all their lost items returned to them and were allowed to take part in a secretive and ancient Hatagan binding ritual known as the Akishige. This allows items to become more powerful in relation to how they are continually used. Otmar choose his bloodhound greataxe pulled from the dead body of a slain barbarian conspirator; Alexander choose his father’s crossbow, Quain choose bracers, no a cloak, what about a hat… no bracers, definitely bracers, well no on second thought I will do the cloak; Zannon choose his quarter staff; Mard choose his pet rock, Gregory; the long unpresent Burt choose his longsword; and Togan’s internet was not working and thus will have to choose the next game.

Upon return the Notters were granted a tract of land by the King. The land is called Archer’s Ford. Investigating it reveals that it is a fertile tract of farmland along the Sorrowsong River. Alexander also asked a boon of the King; find information on his missing father and on himself (he’s still incognito, not sure why he wants the King to find information on him). The Notters went to Archer’s Ford to see their land. Dark rumors of children disappearing disturbed the otherwise friendly and bright atmosphere of the place. The Notters went to investigate the rumors and found that some have heard a song being sung in the dead of the nights the children disappeared. They followed tracks shown to them by a linguistic crayfish into the forest. Encountering unfriendly wolves Zannon supposed that lighting might be their best introduction. The wolves died. All of them. Zannon didn’t even use any of their parts! They now stand before the entrance to a dark ruins. Where will it lead?



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