After the Fall

Otmar and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Greataxe
What happens when only three people show for a game?

January 13th, 2011

Otmar, Zannon and Quain decided to explore the Yercha temple a bit more throughly while the rest of the party returned to Archer’s Ford. Their search yeilded a fire gem worth 10,000 GP, and information on the whereabouts of an artifact called Nimble’s Paintbrush. The three left the temple then to seek out mandrakes which the expert tracker Zannon quickly found. But alas, no plan was made beforehand on how to harvest the mandrake roots while avoiding the petrification curse resulting from hearing the scream. Planning on the spot, the trio of Notters decided to head back to the snake village and get some shovels and pots, then dig around the plants without disturbing them and pot them to take back. They also decided to get a cart to haul the pots. Quain went ahead and bought expensive, ornate metal pots. They then went to the largest farmer among the snake people and traded for four shovels, a cart and a small bag of his best radishes. Yummmm. Otmar managed to disturb the roots of all four of the found mandrakes but was fortunate to make all his saves. Since the roots were already disturbed, the pots and cart were unneeded and the Notters decided to sleep for the night.

In the twilight hours of dawn disaster struck! It started with a worg attacking Zannon unaware. Zannon eventually recovered and warned his comrades as the other worgs struck. The combat seemed to be managable until a 15 foot long worg made his way to the group. Quain and Otmar revealed that fighting such a creature was worthless. Quain used a smoke bomb, but the wolf found him and struck him near dead. Zannon and Otmar ran away, but the wolf quickly closed on Otmar. With few alternatives left to Otmar, he turned and threw his spirit-bonded Bloodhound Greataxe at the head of the monster. The worg caught the axe in his mouth. Sniffed it. Gave a grunt of satisfaction and departed with the axe in maw. Otmar wanted to pursue the wolf for his axe, but Quain’s wounds were life threating and demanded attention. Quain barely pulled through and the Notters decided to return to Archer’s Ford to meet up with the rest of the group, train (level 5 baby!), stop in Finspang to give the mandrake roots to Zannon’s friend, get Mard’s horse and stop at Askera library to find information about this mythical worg and Nimble Paintbrush. They also had court with the King to get a steward to help with the ruling of Archer’s Ford and inform them of Merren plots. The King thanked them for the information and supplied them with an old steward named Habbard Thelow. The King also gave news that the Hwesent have attacked the Hatagan which is a declaration of war against Dragipur. Dragipur is mobilizing for its biggest war since the war with the allied front of the Enchanchia. Merren funded Rethen mercenaries are also entering the war and it could drag the Merren Confederacy into the war. Rhana allies are holding the passes preventing the Rethen from coming to the defense of the Hwesent, but spies report that the Merren are working on a portal to fix the problem. The Notters have considered offering their services to High-General Halfear. First they go to the library to research about this giant worg claimed to be a spirit of the forest, and to research Nimble’s Paintbrush.

Snake? Snake?! Snake!!!!!
I didn't forget to add these entries. Twas only laziness

December 23rd, 2010

The group headed East into the Enchanchia from Archer’s Ford. Before leaving the Notters instructed those at Archer’s Ford to organize in defense against the frequently occurring attacks by the snake people. The group had their first encounter with snake people and left the small scouting party down for the count. The next encounter was a large and hungry tiger. The Notters left with the tiger’s pelt. Next the Notters saw a war party of snake people. They lay hid while the snake people traversed the river. But when attempting to ford the Sorrowsong, a bunch of juvenile snake people set ambush. Rather than leave a mess, both sides agreed to have a rap battle. Mard was the first one defeated, but Alexander stepped in to lay down some rhymes and poor Greeto the Silver Tounge lost the bout. The snake people let the Notters past. Soon an ancient city covered in crumbling ruins and encroaching jungle came before them. The center of the city had many great temples still standing and many snake people inhabiting them as well. The Notters decided to enter posed as Merren merchants. This failed and left the group netted. They tossed the Notters into a pit filled with cobras and other nasty snakes, but Quain talked the snakes away and put on quite a show while at it. The snake people thought that this must be a sign and that special fortune shined on these foreigners and thus let them out to meet their fate in the temple of Yercha.

The temple was quiet until they came upon the torture room. Alas, delay caused them to loose a chance to make a life long snake person friend for the evil priests had already sacrificed him. They saw the head priest in the room, but he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Exploring further, they found many books and interesting items and eventually the head priest waiting in ambush in the altar room. The priest and his minions kept the Notters pinned, but soon the battle began to wear for the worse on the snake people. The head priest tried to escape as a shadow, but a bolt from Alexander ended the evil one’s plans. A vaulted, underground garden gave them loot to boot. They left the temple with magic rings, rods, books and rumors of an ancient artifact.

Into the Frying Pan
So everyone knew it was a trap?

The Notters decided the letter was most definitely attempting to spring a trap. Everybody but Quain decided that to spring it would be the more fun way to deal with it, thus they headed up a bluff to the ruins outside of Khrygas. It was a trap! Abolin Chars, the protector of the Warlord Chek Gralum, decided to grab five Ishengar Rethen and ambush the Notters at the top. When the dust settled, Quain, Otmar and Togan lay unconscious, and Zannon faced a headache from his previous unconsciousness. Quain’s life was spared by a heroic act of the late sand viper known as bitey. Through a graceful rounding of the numbers, Togan lived through the worst of his wounds.

The party revived and headed back to town where they discovered that the Warlord had been assassinated! Their distraction having served its purpose, they called forth the Gerzzes and headed back to Finspang. En route to Finspang, Abolin assaulted them on top a flying lizard creature. The airial battle led to the ground where the bitter Abolin began a ritual. What the ritual would have entailed will never be known as two well placed throws with the singing mace by Mard left Abolin quite out of sorts. The Notters returned to Finspang, handed the captive Abolin over to the Reast and went in for some R&R, selling loot and buying items.

But Saedic Bunsen needs help from his old friend Zannon. The prices of Bunsen’s Dis are being undercut by an allied Wizard’s Tap and Brewing Brew. Some mandrake roots would put Saedic in an advantageous position for further dealings with Torreng munition makers. Can the Notters help him out? And while helping him out, can they collect fire gems? And nullify the snake people threat? Answers will be forthcoming.

The Man that would be Warlord
Can the Notters pull off an assassination?

The Notters arrived in the beautiful city of Ventrapid and met King Fritzen Avingrod in his summer palace. Avingrod had learned of the whereabouts of Alexander Forthwrite and his part in the Notters fare. Nothing could be found out about Tidous however. The Mahmaran (Eye of Gods), a respected elder of the barbarian holy city Khyargas and a diviner without equal owes the King some favors. The King would be willing to influence the Mahmaran to help Alexander find his father, but the King wants something in return.

A powerful Rhana warlord named Chek Gralum is the reason behind the migration of the tribes southward. His bloody campaign of domination has allowed him to already subdue half the tribes as well as the vicious I’shen’gar Rethen. He will be approaching the holy city for a mandate of Kras, a title that will bind all tribes to him. If he succeeds, he will surely march south and easily wipe whats left of Dragipur off the map. This warlord also gets support from the Merren cities and the Hwesent, nations that have proved hostile to Dragipur in the past.

The King has sent his court assassin to deal with the threat, but unfortunately among the Warlord’s many protectors is a Merren abjurer and diviner of some talents. With the Merren expecting an assassination attempt by Dragipur, they sent this talented protector to warn the Warlord of danger and to take care of the Dragipurian agent who comes. The assassin needs a distraction to gain the attention of this Merren abjurer, and what better distraction for a man who watches for assassins than an assassination attempt! Enter the Notters, professional assassins for hire! Who knows, they may find a way to assassinate the Warlord even with the protection of the Merren abjurer?

Probably not.

The group were guided to a spot outside of Khyrgas by Torrengs and their gerrzes. Upon entering Khyrgas, the found a lively city full of people from many different lands hawking goods and pedaling their wares. The group gathered information about where the Warlord’s camp was and set off to see it themselves. They found that the camp is guarded well enough to thwart any half-assessed infiltration attempts. There goes plans A and B. And C and D and F. They waited outside of the Warlords tent to see if they could catch a glimpse of this Warlord themselves. They did and Togan almost got run over by an overtly rude barbarian on his horse in the process. The Notters followed them to Khyrgas and plotted on how to get the deed done.

Quain figured poison was the place to start and bought the first snake he could find on sale: a desert viper a delicacy in Khyrgas. While trying to milk the snake of its venom, it bit him and he learned that while they are poisonous, they are not near deadly enough to kill a hearty Warlord. So the gathered information on the Black Market of Khrygas. They arrived at the said black market in the dead of night like instructed. They found a bunch of people selling cloth. The first cloth seller they talked to was full of winks and nudges but in the end, he thought that his cloth was not what the Notters were looking for and that they should try Heyrar. Heyrar had many a fine bolt of cotton. Inside one bolt was what appeared to be red-speckled walnuts. Heyrar claimed in a most drull fashion that ground into a powder, these nuts were deadly. The price was a bit steep so they checked out what goods Shaydar the silk seller had. Under his bolts of silk were various Torreng munitions that could kill with explosive effectiveness. But prices here proved to be steep as well so they returned to Heyrar for his cotton.

The next step was to find out where the Warlord ate in the city and poison his food or drink. Apparently the Warlord favored Rhinoceros meat and Khyrgas wine. So they went to the only place in the city that served said meat. They bullied a serving boy some, Togan and Mard especially and in the process Quain tried to put the poison into the wine that the serving boy was carrying to the Warlords feast. A keen-eyed, natural 20 rolling barbarian, the same one that tried to run over Togan on his horse, spotted Quain and combat broke out. Quain didn’t last a round as a well placed strike with the spear left a dreadful gash across him. The rest of the Notters engaged in furious combat. The barbarians realized that without reinforcements, their day was done so they blew their warhorns. Togan, Zannon and Otmar quickly finished them off after the horns were sounded. Togan and Otmar grabbed Quain and ran to the other side of the building with Zannon. Mard took the Warhorn and ran off in the opposite direction, blowing the horn as he ran. A group of angry barbarians and Rethen gave pursuit! Mard was not know for doing well in gym class, however, and he soon found himself cut off from the party and surrounded. Zounds! He made such a convincing diplomacy check that the barbarians decided to beat him unconscious rather than beat him to death.

The Notters found their Mard minus four of his teeth and retired to an inn to recuperate. The inn keeper informed them the next morning that a letter was left for them. It simply said: Meet me outside the city in the ruins.

Who could have sent the letter? Is it a trap!? Should they go or would it be safer to avoid such a meeting? These questions can only be answered next week! Wait, next week is Thanksgiving. The week after!

The Dark Lady's Manor
The Notters find themselves timid in the dark

November 11th, 2010

After destroying a bunch of feral wolves, the Notters headed into the ruins of a dark tower. To be fair everything is dark at night. A passage under the ruins was found and the Notters found themselves in a furnished and inhabited under region. A hallway to the north led the Notters to a room full of strange, pulsating egg sacs that secreted glowing green goo. The egg sacs hung from a wall and had tentacles dropping from them. The tentacles were attached to children in a semi comatose state. Their cries and muted murmurers could be heard. Also in the room were two creatures of teeth and claws. They inquired in rasping voices to the Notters as to why they were here. The Notters replied by drawing out their weapons and attacking. Combat ensued and to the Notters disgust, they found that every blow struck upon the demons resulted in an acid discharge. Otmar was soon covered in acid burns while everyone else fired upon the creatures from a distance. Soon the creatures died in blast of firey acid leaving Otmar and Quain near unconsciousness.

After healing the group decided to explore south. They opened up a door to a dining room where three Rethen warriors were eating undercooked meat and playing a game of chance. Fighting the intruders looked to be a better game and the Notters found themselves engaged in furious combat. The Notters were holding off the attacks when bad news came from the kitchen. The noise attracted another Rethen hiding in the kitchen who snuck up behind Quain and took him down with a cleaver. With their healer unconscious, the Notters were in deep water. Mard of course got jealous that someone would fall unconscious before him and he quickly dropped next. Alexander, Otmar and Zannon, covered in injuries were now all that remained between victory and a TPK. Otmar got angry and decided to put his bloodhound greataxe to good use. In fury he took down one after another Rethen until all that remained was the Rethen leader, who surrendered before the might of Otmar. Otmar showed no mercy.

After a few hours of resting, the revived group headed to explore what was left to the west. They found a couple of sleeping Rethen and rather than engage in more combat they set up a shoddy trap that would alarm them if they awoke. They then found the chambers of the Dark Lady. Listening through her door, she seemed to be conversing with someone who had a deep, metallic voice. Otmar kicked down the door and the Notters saw a beautiful woman with white hair and gray eyes sitting at a desk. On the other side of the desk was an eight foot tall figure completely encased in steel armor. The eye slits revealed only blackness. Strangely the figure seemed semi translucent and the attacks of the Notters went right through the figure. Alexander somehow connected one of his shots with the crossbow and the figure fled the room. The Dark Lady attempted to charm some of the Notters but succeeded in only charming Quain. Faced with four angry Notters the Dark Lady surrendered and revealed all she knew in exchange for sanctuary at Archer’s Ford.

From what the Notters could gather, some mysterious figure named Lord Askeron was hatching Gromuni larvi for some plot against Dragipur. The Gromuni larvi needed the nightmares of children to incubate and thus Layle Chrystandum of Erigald aka the Dark Lady was coerced to head to the Dragipur Kingdom and use her magical abilities to gather the children needed.

The Notters got back to Archer’s Ford and found a missive from the King waiting for them. What would the king need from the Notters? Stay tuned to find out!

A Series of Unfortunate Gametables

November 4th, 2010

A well prepared GM attempted to show his PCs the cool maps he made. Disaster struck in too many kilobytes and other problems. The end.

Okay, a bit got done plotwise.

The Notters, being the heroes of the hour, had all their lost items returned to them and were allowed to take part in a secretive and ancient Hatagan binding ritual known as the Akishige. This allows items to become more powerful in relation to how they are continually used. Otmar choose his bloodhound greataxe pulled from the dead body of a slain barbarian conspirator; Alexander choose his father’s crossbow, Quain choose bracers, no a cloak, what about a hat… no bracers, definitely bracers, well no on second thought I will do the cloak; Zannon choose his quarter staff; Mard choose his pet rock, Gregory; the long unpresent Burt choose his longsword; and Togan’s internet was not working and thus will have to choose the next game.

Upon return the Notters were granted a tract of land by the King. The land is called Archer’s Ford. Investigating it reveals that it is a fertile tract of farmland along the Sorrowsong River. Alexander also asked a boon of the King; find information on his missing father and on himself (he’s still incognito, not sure why he wants the King to find information on him). The Notters went to Archer’s Ford to see their land. Dark rumors of children disappearing disturbed the otherwise friendly and bright atmosphere of the place. The Notters went to investigate the rumors and found that some have heard a song being sung in the dead of the nights the children disappeared. They followed tracks shown to them by a linguistic crayfish into the forest. Encountering unfriendly wolves Zannon supposed that lighting might be their best introduction. The wolves died. All of them. Zannon didn’t even use any of their parts! They now stand before the entrance to a dark ruins. Where will it lead?

The Notters Are Captured!
Don't drop the soap

October 28th, 2010

The Notters decided that rather then stake the place out, the fun thing to do in a foreign land would be to walk up to the door, pose as a native, gain entrance into the structure that houses the very villains that are trying to catch them, and all this while the villians are eating their supper in the main hall. Well things went remarkably well. Up until they tried their plan. A very keen eyed, natural 20 rolling doorman was not fooled by Quain’s attempt to pass as one of the local bad guys and he hatched his own plan to ambush the Notters as they entered. His plan worked out pretty well, and a large dose of knock-out gas took everyone down and out. Everyone that is except the fortuitous Mard. He bravely stood his ground against the oncoming onslaught and one second later lay unconscious from a mildly damaging sword wound. Mard likes to pass out. It’s his thing.

When the Notters came to, they found themselves in a room with the exit barricaded and guards on watch from across steel grating. But Dimitry and a baker’s dozen full of monks and an abbot were in the room as well! But how to rescue Dimitry and the this baker’s dozen of monastery staff? Well Mard had an idea and suggested to the guards to exit. One did and the other followed to try and convince him to return to his post. Meanwhile the stupendous strength of Otmar was put to the test against a door. Otmar got an F on the test, the guards returned, a warden gave warning and general consternation re-ensued. Would the Notters resign themselves to being prison bitches?

No four walls could hold Togan however. At least not while he rolls consecutive natural 20s. He lined the monks up in a singing and dancing hymn to obscure his actions and took his fury out on the door. One guard saw the ruse and went to get help. They did not anticipate the speed in which Togan would break down the door. As if it was paper, Togan threw down the door and the masses inside escaped. Only to find themselves trapped again, with a bunch of irate and armed (unlike the armless Notters)guards. Togan was not intimidated by the situation and attacked their barricade with his bare hands, suffering many a wound by bolts and spears. Quain ran up to heal the wounded Togan. A curious Mard began poking around in the arts and craft room of the monastery. And he found something quite peculiar. Mard always prided himself on his knowledge of wools and dyes and his knowledge paid off well today. Paid off with another natural 20. Inside the room he found bottles of a rare and expensive dye made from the crushed shells of the freshwater clam, Yunitolo. A dye that is very dangerous and must be aired out properly before use else it blinds those nearby. Several thrown, broken dye bottles later the majority of guards and Togan were blinded. The Notters decided to retreat to a secret passage out as mentioned by the monastery’s abbot. The guards, mostly blinded decided that as long as they held their current barricade, there was no reason to pursue their trapped wards.

However a rather nasty fellow with a large axe lay between them and the room with the secret exit. The axe swung and cut Otmar a new one. Otmar responded with a desperate attempt at blinding the guy with their last bottle of dye. The man with the axe shrugged it off and prepared to introduce Otmar to his doom. But up stepped Zannon, electricity blazing through his fingertips, and he shot forth a bold of lighting that slammed into the monster of a man and left him smoking and unconscious. And with a wacky hairstyle.

The secret passage in the abbot’s room lay ahead! But who would take up residence in the abbot’s room while the abbot was in prison? Well a nasty little spellcaster of course. A spellcaster that transformed before their very eyes into a huge demon that stood 12 feet talks. His skin was blacken coal and his arms and torso were covered in spiky brown hair. On top of his massive muscled form was the head of a bull, drool dripping from his mouth and curved horns ending in sharpened, bloody points. Otmar and Quain saw through the illusion and were decidedly unimpressed. Otmar lifted the axe from the still body of the previously slain nasty fellow and swung a stinging blow against the illusionist. Quain went to rage mode and shot a blast of necromantic fury into the chest of their foe and the illusionist collapsed on the floor. The furious Quain then stabilized him. Quain likes to stabilize things. Even when he is mad. He really should be on a hospital drama. They then ran through the secret door and escaped from the monastery. All in all, one monk was missing and many weapons and items were lost. They then hightailed it back to Amakama with the traitorous spellcaster and presented Dimitry, the spellcaster and their story before the Kamijuku. Next up: reward…

Finding the missing Dimitry

October 21st, 2010

Upon arriving in Amakama, the adventurers met a Hataganian monk named Togan who acted to serve as their translator. They got to know a bit about the government from the Seri merchants warehouse and then decided to meet this government for themselves. They met a friend of Dimitry who also served on the Kamijuku, the voice of the Hatagan nation. Apparently Dimitry and the Kamijuku had just worked out an agreement by which the Hatagan nation would join the Dragipurian Kingdom. But, gasp! He disapreared along with the contract and many suspect foul play. The group suspects that Hwesent agents are behind his disappearance. They checked out Dimitry’s living quarters and found structural damage to a window. They then hatched a plan to spread word that Mard (yes, Mard) was the next ambassador. Then they went out travelling on the road. They explored a bit of a village and then walked into an ambush. Or rather they walked through an ambush because nary a soul escaped the Notters!

In the end they followed their assailants back to their secret hideout. They discovered this hideout to be the Kanikura monastery. The monastery is closed for business so they must make a plan to get inside and look around. Quain thinks climbing over the nonexistent walk and into the nonexistent courtyard is a good idea. What do YOU think?

On Trial, Then The Bronze Tourney
Let the Games Begin!!

Oct 14, 2010

The Notters were taken to Court! At the Hall of Justice in Askera, the Band of Braves’ Gold Swords accused the Blue Hearts’ Notters of: one count of murder, five counts of larceny, four counts of assault, four counts of attempted murder, one count of ignoble conduct unbefitting Dragipurian citizens outside the Kingdom and one count of conspiracy against Dragipurian citizens. Passionate defenses given by Quain, Alex, and Mard left the accused innocent of all charges!

But Wolf 10 approached and the Bronze Tourney was at hand. Mard spent all the groups money on a new horse and went about jousting. His superb riding could not make up for lack of jousting skills and Sir Walter went on to take the champion seat. Alexender brought much fame to himself taking second in the archery contest.

Meanwhile bemoaning the inability of the rules to be explained to him (listen to what I mean, not what I say Wesley!), a man approached the bad gambler Quain. Loslo Baelbar’s son Dimirtry has disappeared while on a diplomatic assignment to the Tendell Islands. Loslo needs Quain’s help and the adventurers find themselves in the Hatagan capital, minus a very expensive horse.
Riddle Orb Found!
Notters showed some Band of Braves they don't play none

October 7th, 2010

Notters got a mace and breezed through the rest of the Nissian ruins except perhaps the part with a couple skeletons brandishing tower shields and spears. No breezing there. Eh, Quain and Mard? Unfortunately for the Houndish Gaurd, his fiendish riddles proved no match for the collective minds of the Notters and with the riddles solved, the guard had no choice but to allow the Notters to take a pick from the collection in the vault. But if they thought they could just stroll back to Dragipur with the Riddle Orb, they had another thing coming: ambush by the Brand of Brave! Or at least an attempt to. When the dust settled, three stripped Band of Braves and one dead one lay upon the ground.

On they way back, they decided to outrun the Bone Chewers. No problem there apparently. And lets not forget a trade of boots for charms. Mard’s Obsession. They now find themselves in Finspang, training and honing their skills.


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