The primary purposes of After the Fall is to create a world where a new set of pen and paper RPG rules (Storyland Role Playing System) can be playtested! The current year is 341 Age of Shadow, calculated from the fall of the Dragiporian Empire.

Rules on this page assume the reader has a knowledge of other pen and paper role playing games, especially D&D 3.5.

These pages are considered always in development unless otherwise notified.

Update (12/10/10) Moving and the game will be suspended till we can meet again T-T

Update (11/22/10) The game has been going on for a couple months now. Progress of the party is documented in the “Adventure Log” section. Various rules changed and added since the start.

Update (09/12/10) Merren and Rethen societies added. Calender section added. Holidays soon to follow in calender section.

Update (08/27/10) First game tomorrow! Section on other races, cultures and nations put up on the wiki. More to be added as needed. Minor editing of rules continues.

Update (08/19/10) Changed the AC settings and added shield information. Corrected a few grammatical errors I caught and some consistency problems (no Daniel, Soft Toe does not have access to Leader feats).

Update (06/25/10)! The basic ruleset is near finished. Rules need to be tested and more advanced rules need to be made. Basic rules are mostly influenced by D&D 3.5 plus influences from rogue-like games, D&D 4.0 and AD&D, Diablo and others. The system is actually intended to shun some rules for a more by-ear approach. Thus this system is not the best system for players new to the the pen-and-paper RPG, but is better for more experienced players who can handle rules their own way while still keeping the system balanced.

For example, no rules are given for experience points. When to level is left for the GM to decide. Thus he can do it by ear or he can make up his own system for leveling. This allows a certain flexibility and takes away the need for experience charts and calculators and makes it easier to hasten or slow level progression all in one campaign.

After the Fall